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Dani— Spelison (Spencer x Alison)

Author’s Note: This is a little shorter than my other writing and it took a while for me to post this (and I’m sorry about that, I’ve been busy) but here you go! :)

Spencer is laying down on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She’s exhausted from the day and just wants at least five minutes to breathe. She turns her head and scans her own room. She spots a picture of the five of her best friends, Alison included. Spencer sighs and closes her eyes, beginning to see her room about a year ago. She can clearly remember Alison in this moment Spencer didn’t share with her friends.

"Remember how I trusted you with my secret about the older guy?" Alison asked, watching Spencer fix the same book for the thousandth time.
"Yes?" Spencer stopped fixing it and turned to look at Alison. Alison’s blonde curls shined in the sunlight and her blue eyes glistened.
"I have another secret I think I might want to share with you," Alison confessed. "But it’s pretty big, so I tell you tell." Spencer sat down on her bed besides Alison.
"I don’t think I have any secrets I didn’t already share with you," Spencer told her. She looked away and tried to think. "Well, maybe there’s one." Alison sat up, waiting to hear what Spencer would have to say. "I’ve been having these fantasies lately…" Spencer began.
"With whom?" Alison asked, leaning in to hear more.
"A female," Spencer confessed. Hearing herself say that out loud made her blink slowly. Was she really straight like she thought? Alison squinted.
"How’d it feel?" she asked, wanting to see what Spencer would respond this.
"Perfect. Amazing." Spencer said. She paused again. Is she really telling this to Alison. Alison grabbed Spencer’s face between her hands and dove in for a kiss. Spencer wrapped her arms around Alison’s neck, not wanting her lips to separate from Alison’s. Alison pulled away.
"My turn. My secret is that I had a girl kiss me, and I don’t feel the same way." Spencer released her arms from Alison’s neck.
"Me?" Spencer asked, thinking that she was the only girl Alison shared her lips with. Alison shook her head.
"Someone else. I do have feelings for a female, though. I just don’t want anyone knowing." Spencer sat back a little, examining Alison’s face. "You," Alison confessed before leaning in and kissing Spencer slowly. Alison got up. "But if you tell anyone about this or bring it up when I don’t, you will regret it." Alison left a very confused Spencer sitting on her bed, alone, replaying the scene in her head. A day later, however, things were too late when Alison went missing and Spencer just remained confused on her sexuality.

Spencer sits up, and looks around. “I miss you, Alison,” she whispers to the quiet room.

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