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Dani— Spelison (Spencer x Alison)

Author’s Note: This is a little shorter than my other writing and it took a while for me to post this (and I’m sorry about that, I’ve been busy) but here you go! :)

Spencer is laying down on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She’s exhausted from the day and just wants at least five minutes to breathe. She turns her head and scans her own room. She spots a picture of the five of her best friends, Alison included. Spencer sighs and closes her eyes, beginning to see her room about a year ago. She can clearly remember Alison in this moment Spencer didn’t share with her friends.

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So, Dani should write the Spencer/Alison fic. Just saying.

Emily should write…. Lucas/Caleb. Yup. Kthxbye.


Lucas/Caleb? :o I don’t ship them whatsoever, but hey, why not. ;D ~Emily

"are you two close?"

Asked by Anonymous

Not as close as we once were. ~Emily

"for the both of u, what would u say is important in writing?"

Asked by Anonymous

Dani: For me, I would have to say there’s more than one important thing. I say confidence is key. It shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your writing as long as you think it’s perfect. As well, inspirations are important (for me anyway). And lastly, details details details! If it’s something like poetry, not so much, but details are very important to me in writing. I tend to get paranoid about it.

Emily: Well, I’d have to say a great storyline. If it’s something typical and predictable, I find it boring, and I honestly don’t feel like reading/writing it. But, if it’s something completely out there and amazing, something I’ve never seen before, then it’s definitely better. Also, details, details, details. If a story has little to no details, it’s boring and it doesn’t seem to affect the reader as much. Writing that has a lot of elaboration gets more emotion out of the reader, making it more interesting to read.

Apencer/Salison? O.o

So. Spencer/Alison. That’s all I have to say. Love/hate, ftw. 

Submission one!  :D  I, Dani, shall take this. I will most def write about this as soon as I can.  :)  Love the idea. 

Dani here.

Just wanted to say that a submission page is now open.

The submission page will be for fan fiction ideas for either Emily or myself, you can submit a sentence for a fan fic and we can continue your story from there, or you can simply submit your own fan fiction (don’t worry, we’ll credit you as long as you include your url and name.)

If you have any questions, our ask box is open. Thank ya!

Dani— Wrencer (Part 3)

Spencer slid past Wren back into the motel room.
"I’ll stay," she whispered. Wren smirked and turned to look at her.
"Good," he said.

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Emily — Spencer and Emily. Emily’s POV

Author’s Note: This is a spin-off of a storyline that we roleplayed on Twitter, where Hanna and Emily are dating.

Emily Fields smiled as she heard the doorbell ring—it meant that Spencer Hastings had arrived, the girl she loved.

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Hey, hey, hey!

It’s Fat Albert.

Nope, it’s Emily. Yeah. xD

I have not written anything lately, and I apologize for that! I have not been busy whatsoever, so I have no excuses as to why there are no stories from me.

I just wanted to say hey, and see how everyone was doing. :)

Dani— Wrencer (Part 2)

Spencer held her cup tightly in her hand, trying not to spill it as she threw her head back laughing. “You have very funny experiences.” Spencer smiled, looking down. Wren’s eyes remained on the beauty beside him as he smirked.
"So anything new with you?" Wren asked. Spencer shook her head, staring down at her cup. It wasn’t until now Spencer remembered about Toby and the fact she was being kept from her friends. This was the last thing she wanted to talk about.

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